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Who we are

Joy with purpose.


The Town School is committed to elementary co-education, serving students in nursery through eighth grade. As we embrace high academic and ethical standards for each student, we are guided by our school motto, “let there be joy in learning.”

Town’s program balances the traditional and the innovative, emphasizing excellence in academics and a thorough exposure to the arts and physical education. We teach children to think creatively, read critically and reason logically, stressing the value of both individual learning and collaboration. We are committed to diversity, teaching students to be inclusive and to respect themselves and others.

Students leave Town as well-rounded, articulate, resilient and morally responsible individuals. They are prepared to meet the challenges of a demanding secondary education and continue on the path of lifelong learning.

Educational Philosophy

We believe that the process of learning is as important as the result. Town builds on children’s natural curiosity and creativity, helping them discover and celebrate their strengths. In our nurturing and supportive environment, we challenge each student to take risks and persevere. The program enables students to experience success, increase self-confidence and develop individuality. Faculty and parents collaborate in support of each child’s growth.

Town students develop social awareness through age-appropriate service within the school and the community at large. Students exercise responsibility and assume leadership roles as they learn to become involved citizens of the world.


Self, Others and Surroundings: Taking Care of Town

We believe that moral development and awareness are critical components for our students’ success. Self-Others-Surroundings (S.O.S.) is our mission-based ethical code infused in everyday life at Town.


Try your best. Persevere and keep working through challenges. Develop your independence. Be honest. Be responsible.


Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be respectful. Be inclusive. Be helpful. Treat others fairly.


Clean up after yourself. Conserve and do not waste. Respect property.


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